entrepreneuring so hard? get heart help! focus and soar!!

well friends - here it is almost the end of may and i'm finally getting my second blog article of the year out. no exclamation points after that sentence because i'm not excited about it being five months into the year and only my second blog post. 


well as usual - life happened!! i've been trying to grow my calligraphy business into a line of cards and products (feel free to weigh in on what you'd like to see! notepads, mugs, candles?) and there's just so much to do! i've been trying to learn photoshop and illustrator so i can get the pretty letters i write printed on things. i've been trying to learn all there is to selling wholesale. i've been trying to learn how to get a free downloadable to send to anyone who signs up on my email list. i've been trying to figure out the best way to capture those emails. and of course, i've been watching all the free webinars, youtube videos and free courses on all these subjects and more!!! is anyone else feeling the overwhelm to learn and do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g?!!


i'm pretty sure i've got enough course content to watch for the rest of my life!! and don't even get me started on my new love of all the podcasts! i listen to those when i'm driving though, so they make being stuck in crazy los angeles traffic not quite so terrible! i am learning a ton of new things - i just hope my brain can remember half of what i'm learning!! (so glad i figured out a way to use this brain bitmoji!)


i love learning all of this stuff - i just wish some of it was a little more user friendly for this tech-challenged momma! i can still remember being so excited when my kids were babies and we got a cordless phone - no more bath times spent wondering who was on the other end of the ringing phone i couldn't get to anymore! but just like the rest of life - there's no easy button. and as glennon doyle melton always says, "we can do hard things"! all of the hard things i'm trying to learn aren't really that important in the grand scheme of things. yes, they're helpful and important to help grow my business and i get frustrated at times but...


both squarespace and convert kit have tech help and what i can't google and search and figure out, i can email or call or have an instant message conversation and hopefully, then get it all figured out! it may not happen before this blog post gets published, because i know how to save and publish a blog post without asking anyone, but it will happen very soon because it's at the top of the priority list. (IT HAPPENED - I DID IT!! you'll see when you get to the bottom of this post!!) wrapping up - i will say, one thing i've heard over and over in podcasts with successful entrepreneurs from all backgrounds is that they had to stumble and fall and get back up and figure a lot of things out on their own. and even though there's a lot of them that will tell you how they did it (in their webinar or ebook or online course!!), i think there's a certain amount of figuring it out on your own that just has to be done!! so whether you're out there trying to get your 4th grader to finish their homework, you're busy trying to build an empire or both, just remember -  


you can do it!! i need to have a serious talk with your heart now. just keep plugging along, keep trying - it will eventually work out. you will find a way to get it done. if i can build a website and learn how to vectorize and get convert kit and squarespace to work together - you can pretty much do anything! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! and remember - we can do hard things. i'd love for you to share with me in the comments something hard you did recently or a challenge you're working on now!! and please let me know if there's anything i can do to help you!!!

blissfully - tetia