starting the new year off with an end of the year blog post!!?!

happy new year!! so i could beat myself up about the fact that i haven't written a second blog post in almost 6 months but i'm just not the type that responds to negativity. and besides who wants to start the year off being negative? not me!! instead, i'm going to celebrate - by starting the new year off with my second blog post!!! yay!!

i've thought of a lot of really great ideas for different blog articles but you didn't get to read them because guess what - i didn't write them. so today, i am once again taking some of my own advice from an instagram post i just lettered on the first - a quote from william wordsworth - and it's so simple and to the point - 'to begin, begin'. i posted it last year, also on january 1st, and i think it's not only a great way to start out a new year but great to remind ourselves of it throughout the year. this simple plan is pretty much how i've accomplished anything, but especially all that i accomplished this last year. 


so here comes the year end part of this blog post - a look back on some of what i did in 2016 and why i think you should look back on all you did too! if you're like me, you didn't do everything this year you had hoped to do. you could get bogged down with those thoughts but i'm telling you - it'll just lead to a downward spiral of negativity and a pint of your favorite ice cream (or a bag of your favorite chips, if you're more of a salty stress eater)! remember - we don't want to start off our year that way. so instead, think back on all that you accomplished.

in january alone, i did 3 daily challenges for my calligraphy and lettering for a total of 88 posts and just in that one month alone, i improved soooo much! i didn't think about how little i knew or how i wasn't good enough, i just did it. people saw my posts on instagram and approached me about doing work for them and instead of talking myself out of doing it because i wasn't ready or didn't know enough, i just did them. and i certainly didn't know anything about building a website but if you read my first blog article here - then you already know, i built this website! what i'm trying to say here is - you can do it, just begin, start doing it!!!

go learn italian or start that side hustle, get out the paintbrushes or start writing that book you've been thinking about!! a few things i'm dreaming about for this year are deciding what products to put my calligraphy on and blogging a little more regularly! there, i said it. we'll all see how i do on that one.  

i've also been thinking about my word or words of the year. last year, they were 'create' 'anew' - and i'd say i embraced both of those fully. this year, i think i'm going with 'forward' because i need to keep the progress going and 'thankful' because giving thanks makes everything better! i'd love to hear what you're dreaming about for 2017 and/or what you chose for your word or words for the year! i would love for you to share your dreams, plans and words with me in the comments below - along with your email address if you want to know the next time i write a new blog post. hopefully, it won't be another 6 months!! ;)

blissfully - tetia