Tetia  \tee - sha\  1: my name 2: short for Latetia 3: a variation of the French spelling 4: my mom thought it was pretty

I'm a mom of four grown lovely people, a yaya (grandmother) to the sweetest little girl ever, a calligrapher, an actor, film producer, dessert lover, Bruce Springsteen fan and an artist. Creating beautiful letters and words and watercolor washes to make your event or life more special makes my day.

If you just got engaged - you're in the right place. If you're planning a party - you're in the right place. In charge of an important business dinner or meeting - you're in the right place. Looking for beautiful artwork and inspiring quotes - again, you're in the right place.

You have a vision for your dream invitation, your ideal wedding day, event, party or celebration. I want to help you with all the special details made more beautiful with calligraphy, hand lettering and watercolors. And if you don't know what style you want - that's okay too - I'll help you find inspiration.

Let's create something beautiful!!