let's all come together and HELP HOUSTON!!!

this is going to be a super short post so that i can just get these links up!! growing up in houston, it breaks my heart to see all those who have lost lives and homes and cars and i feel so helpless being so far away!

all of my family, and a lot of my friends that i've heard from, are safe even if they've had some water damage, and their safety is the most important thing. many of my friends know i'm from houston and they've called or texted to check on my parents and my brother and his family and i appreciate all of you that have checked on them so much!! everyone everywhere is just so heartbroken to see what has happened, but it has definitely brought a sense of unity during a time when there's been quite a divide!! seeing people come together to help has been really beautiful. houston - know that we are all sending all the love and hugs and prayers and sunshine and positive vibes and more hugs and love!!!


if you're able to send more than hugs and love, i'm going to post links below for those of you that want to HELP HOUSTON - 

donate to All Hands Volunteers - they help people who are disrupted by natural disasters - http://hands.org.

donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund - set up by the mayor of Houston and administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation -  https://ghcf.org/hurricane-relief/

donate to the Texas Diaper Bank - diapers are not normally provided by disaster relief agencies -  http://www.texasdiaperbank.org

donate through the JJ Watt Foundation - they are also doing supply drives if you're in the area and can donate in person - http://jjwfoundation.org

donate to help Humble Elementary - this is being managed by a teacher at the school. my cousin used to teach at this sweet school. https://www.gofundme.com/relief-for-humble-el-families

donate to Dana Clark and her sweet family - i have known Dana personally since she was a little girl! they just moved to beaumont recently and lost so much to all the standing water in their home. this page was set up by her dad's company - https://www.gofundme.com/jpsfamilyfund

these are all great places to donate and help out and i welcome you to leave links in the comments below too for any organizations you know of that are helping out in houston!! 


in talking to my mom, she said that it's amazing to watch how everyone is pulling together to help everyone - huge respect to houston and all of those rallying to help!!! 

much love - tetia