um - hello - i built this website!!!?!

this is seriously such a big deal for me!! i am not tech savvy. i repeat - I AM NOT TECH SAVVY!!! between my four kids, they probably showed me how to copy and paste a hundred times before i got that move down. now these days, i feel like a pretty smart chick, who can google search with the best of them, but build a website? let's just say, i had my doubts... 

i really needed a website for the calligraphy and lettering i've been doing lately, but i wasn't ready to make the plunge and hire someone to build a website just yet. i heard great things about squarespace and i decided to give it my best shot! i decided i would spend all afternoon seeing if i could figure this thing out. i wish i could say it was soooo easy and i had this thing done in an hour or two...

but the truth is it took me over 10 hours and i felt like hurling my computer against the wall a couple of times an hour!! i didn't though. even when i deleted the page i had spent hours working on. i kept my cool. well, i might've mumbled a few inappropriate words that i won't repeat here since hopefully my mom and dad are reading this! after a few minutes of sheer terror and panic and frantically googling what to do if you delete a page you didn't want to delete - i found out there's a deleted page folder just for the not so tech savvy people like me. and i went to it and i found my deleted page and i added it back. phew!!

i got the page back and then i googled how to attach my domain name to my new website and a few hours later - boom - a website was born. after i finish writing this blog post, i'll figure out how to add it to my blog page and then hopefully everyone will read it!! well, at least my mom and dad! 

it's been a loooong day but i am so happy to say - no experts were called in, no computers were hurled, no tears were even shed. now i didn't swim or run a single lap today, never even left my apartment, but i am telling you people - i feel like i brought home the gold!!! 

i'll be adding more to the site now that i'm kind of getting the hang of things. take a look around, let me know if you have any questions and please, check back often! next up, i'm planning to learn photoshop and illustrator, watch out world...!!! 

blissfully - tetia